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AFA Producer: Dan Heighes

Brand: EE

Script Title: Britain's Sleeping

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Directors: Daniel Wolfe / Elliott Power
Stop Frame Animation Director: Chris Ullens
Prod Co: Arts Practice
Shoot Days: 16 (6 main films and 3 sun films)
Location: London, Glasgow & Edinburgh.
Editors: Dom Leung & Dave David c/o Marsheen.
Colour: Co3
Post: The Mill
Audio: Factory

AFA Producer: Ramon Ricard

Brand: Logitech

Script Title: Master Your Flow

Agency : Vice / Virtue
Producer : Clare Gibson
Director : Melody Maker
Production Co : Vice / Virtue

AFA Producer: Jess Taylor

Brand: Matalan

Script Title: Matalan Christmas

Agency : McCann Manchester
ECD : Imogen Tazzyman
Creative Team : Anna Warren & Orlaith Conlon
Shoot Days : 3
Location : Space Studios, Manchester
Director : Caswell Coggins
DOP : Richard Mott
Offline Edit: Marshall Street Editors Editor: Toby Conway-Hughes Grade : Lewis Crossfield / Time Based Arts Sound Design : Tim Sutton / Grand Central Studios

AFA Producer: Maja McIntosh

Brand: Boots UK

Script Title: Joy For All

Agency : Hogarth / The Pharm
Creative Director : Sara Rose
Creative Team : Lee Hanson & Mark Prime
Shoot Days : 4
Location : London
Director : Si&Ad
Production Co : Academy
Producer : Georgina Smith
Offline Edit : Final Cut
Editor : Joe Guest
Post House : Electric Theatre Collective
Sound Design : Machine
Music : Soho Music / Hall and Oats ‘Dream Come True’

AFA Producer: Lindsay Moyes

Brand: Lionsgate+

Script Title: It Lives on Lionsgate+

Agency : Adam&Eve DDB
Creative Team : Mark Shanley
Shoot Days : 2
Location : Dukes Island, London
Director : Finn Keenan
Production Co : RiffRaff
Producer : Kate Brady
Offline Edit: Trim
Editor: Thomas Grove Carter
Post House : Untold
Sound Design : Sam Ashwell / 750mph
Music : Elegy Music c/o Alloy Tracks

AFA Producer: Rachel Bishop

Brand: M&S

Script Title: Anything But Ordinary

Agency : House 337
Creative Directors : Hannah Vere & Ceilidh Radcliffe
Creative Team : Chloe Hang & Cian O’Sullivan
Shoot Days : 2
Location : London
Director : Agnes Lloyd-Platt
Production Co : East Photographic
Producer : Abbie Cockerell
Offline Edit : Darren Baldwin @ Final Cut
Editor : Joe Guest
Post House : Framestore
Sound Design : Tom Pugh @ GCRS
Music : Dan Neal @ Native Music (Yazzo – ‘Situation’)

AFA Producer: Jessica Taylor

Brand: Matalan

Script Title: Matalan Autumn

Agency : McCann. Manchester
Creative Director : Imogen Tazzyman
Creative Team : Anna Warren & Orlaith Conlon
Shoot Days : 3
Location : Manchester
Director : Harry Barber
Production Co : Craft c/o DadBodFilms
Producer : Rob Wildsmith
Offline Edit: Craft
Editor: Craft
Post House : Motion (Craft)
Sound Design : Tim Sutton
Music : Chris Graves

AFA Producer: Greg Hemes

Brand: Fanta

Script Title: What The Fanta

Agency : 72&Sunny
Creative Team : David & Dimi
Shoot Days : 4
Location : Prague
Director : Peter Martin
Production Co : Cornershop TV
Producer : Nick Fewtrell
Offline Edit : Final Cut
Editor : Joe Guest
Post House : Framestore
Sound Design : King Lear
Music : King Lear

AFA Producer: Georgia Dickinson

Brand: Paramount Plus

Script Title: A Mountain of Entertainment

Agency : New Commercial Arts
Creative Team : Daniel Seager & Steve Hall
Director : Los Pérez
Production Co : Caviar
Producer : Javier Alejandro
Offline Edit: Final Cut
Editor: Dan Sherwen
Post House : Framestore
Sound Design : Jack Sedgwick / Ed Downham @ King Lear
Music : Mannerly Music

AFA Producer: Anita Sasdy

Brand: Bulgari

Script Title: Unexpected Moments

Agency : Anomaly
Director : Paolo Sorrentino
Sound Design : Parv Thind @ Wave

AFA Producer: Christian Lobo

Brand: EE

Script Title: Air Suburbia

Agency : Saatchi&Saatchi
Creative Team : Alex Lucas + Jon Farly
Shoot Days : 5
Location : London + Cambridge
Director : Tom Hooper
Production Co : Smuggler
Producer : Gustav Geldenhuys
Offline Edit : The Quarry
Editors : Paul Watts / Scot Crane / Ben Townsend
Post House : The Quarry + Framestore
Sound Design : Factory
Music : Published / Commercial track sourced by Eclectic Music.

AFA Producer: Ruairidh Elms

Brand: Asahi Super Dry

Script Title: Barman

Agency : Dentsu McGarry Bowen
Creative Team : Simon Lloyd, Sarah Bamford & Jonathan Thake
Production Assistant : Joel Wilson
Shoot Days : 3
Location : Kyiv, Ukraine
Director : Lope Serrano
Production Co : Canada Canada
Producer : Daniel Wheldon
Post House : MPC
Sound Design : Rick Morris
Music : Soho Music

AFA Producer: Ciaran Bennett

Brand: Sky Q

Script Title: 

Agency : Sky Creative
Creative Team : Aaron Willmer, Joe Dennett & Rob Donaldson
Shoot days : 4
Location : Sofia, Bulgaria
Director : David Mellor
Production Co : We are Familia
Producer : Mark Gibbons
Local Production Co : Solent
Post House : Coffee & TV
VFX lead : Rory Whittle
Grade : Simona Cristea
Sound Design : Patch Rowland @ Machine
Music : Brice Cagan @ Machine
Edit : Ryan Beck @ Final Cut

AFA Producer: Ciaran Bennett

Brand: Sky Q

Script Title: Harris and the Robots

Agency : Sky Creative
Creative Team : Aaron Willmer Shoot Days : 5 Location : Barcelona, Spain Director : Dan DiFelice Production Co : Biscuit Producer : Kwok Yau Local Production Co : 24/7 Post House : Framestore & ILM Sound Design : Will Choen @ String & Tins Music : Phase Music @ SATV Edit : Ryan Beck @ Final Cut


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