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The AFA was launched in 2018 with one objective: representation for freelancers, by freelancers.

Prior to this, there was no industry body to advocate for the interests of freelance talent, resulting in stagnant rates, siloed working and no clear, considered system delineating experience levels.

With an ever-increasing pool of freelancers and a greater appetite from Clients for project based work, the AFA was introduced to offer community and fair pay for freelancers, whilst providing Agencies & Brands with regulation and reassurance when hiring talent.

As a recognised entity with the trust of Agencies and freelancers alike, we have a vital foothold in an industry that is witnessing remarkable growth in its freelance workforce.

The Team

Lucy Powell

Executive Producer
AFA Founder
One of a small group of truly integrated production specialists, Lucy rose through the ranks of agency production at BBH & JWT to become head of production at Havas; the youngest head of department in the industry at that time. In 2018 she went client side as executive producer, and later head of production, at Sky Creative. In 2022, Lucy joined Dark Energy as Executive Producer, completing her skillset as a fully hybrid production expert. Lucy has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the world as both a permanent and freelance producer across agency, client and now production company side, giving her a well-rounded understanding of the industry workforce. The AFA was founded on Lucy’s unwavering belief that the best work and the best relationships are rooted in fairness and respect. With the support of the board, the AFA is here to champion the kind of working conditions that make for good advertising content, good mental health and (hopefully) good fun.

Leila Bartlam

Chief Production Officer
Leila is a leading content production specialist. Before joining creativedrive, she led production departments at adam&eve, havas, iris, engine and cut&run. The work Leila has produced has garnered creative accolades and effectiveness awards from, amongst others, D&AD, British Arrows, Creative Circle and Campaign Big Awards. In 2009 Leila set up a women’s networking group which now runs online @wonderwomanatwork, she has spoken at SheSays conference, judged the APA top 50 and taken part in Token Man. Leila is involved with the AFA because content simply does not exist without a producer. The work producers do is indispensable and the financial risk they manage exponential. Producers should be paid fairly.

Lindsay Moyes

Executive Producer
Lindsay Moyes has 10 years’ experience of setting up and running production/content departments as well as over 20 years producing for some of the most creative agencies in the UK, including AKQA, BBH, Mother and the BBC. Lindsay is honoured to join the AFA Board and is keen to resolve the severe lack of representation and support for freelance Agency Producers of all levels.

Sian Parker

Senior Producer
A freelancer for more than 10 years and coming up to her 20th year in advertising, Sian has worked extensively with the best agencies London has to offer, specialising large scale, multi-platform campaigns for leading brands. She joined AFA’s Board to help ensure that the value a producer contributes is recognised and rewarded in an increasingly demanding and challenging environment.

Jody Allison

Jody has been a producer for more years than she cares to remember working both production company and agency side on a large variety of brands. Her last agency stint was 9 years at RKCR/Y&R running their TV department. She now runs Heads Up Production with Tim Page; an independent full service production agency working directly with brands and smaller ad agencies. Jody feels that sharing her years of knowledge with those coming through is vital for securing the future of excellence in production, hence her involvement with the AFA.

Alessia Small

Executive Producer / Head of Production
Alessia Small worked with leading agencies and brands for 18 years before becoming Head of TV at McGarryBowen. She now heads up major freelance projects for agencies and also works direct to brands. She joined the AFA’s Board to help foster a community of freelancers that will support one another, now and for the next generation.

Lyndsay Myerscough

Lynsday drew on more than 20 years’ experience as a producer in London and New York to co-create a business that combines freelance and permanent placement to agencies and brands with production support. Since Beetle’s inauguration in 2016, Lyndsay has placed many of the industry’s leading creatives and production specialists, and has consulted for major international brands. She passionately believes in support for freelancers and in the stance taken by the AFA.

Sally Alekna

Sally’s career of more than 20 years has encompassed permanent and freelance work for leading international agencies and production houses. With her friend and business partner Lyndsay Myerscough she created a company that offers a unique combination of services to the Industry, spanning recruitment and production services. In 2021, Lucy Powell invited them both to add their talent and experience to the AFA, a cause they wholeheartedly support.


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